BUSINESS FOR LIFE (B4L) is an extension of SECODI Crowdfunding, a business that is Structured to pay you continuously and a business you can do FOR a lifetime and you WILL be earning for a lifetime can be passed on to your next of kin.
No, the registration in the Crowdfunding Programme covers that, all you need is to choose a package you want to activate, make payment and Start earning.
Get back to the person who introduced you to the Crowdfunding and Activate through the person, but if the person is not ready to Activate you can go ahead and ACTIVATE the System will position you automatically.
No limit, you can sponsor as many as possible and earn 20% from each
No, The monthly subscription is in other word is monthly contribution that will be shared.
You will not earn from the monthly contribution for that month
NO, you will have to pay by yourself to the company’s account
You pay the difference. E.g. if you have paid N20,000 and you want to upgrade to 80,000 package, all you are to pay now is N60,000 not N80,000
Payment is sent directly to your bank account.